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How To Build Positive Attitude?

Your attitude determines your life's goal and aim. A person with a positive attitude always seeks a solution to the problem, whereas a negative mind gives random excuses for not doing it.

A positive attitude can bring a lot of changes to your lifestyle. It makes you happier and resilient. The way of thinking towards life can change just because of this healthy positive attitude. A positive attitude lets you think differently and creatively. You start making better decisions in your life. Studies show that people with a positive attitude live longer than their pessimistic counterparts. A positive attitude brings light and life to your life, like a ray of sunshine after night.

If you look the right way, you can see that the whole worl is a garden. - Frances H. Burnett, The Secret Garden

Building a positive attitude is like holding a torch that can brighten up your dark looking life. People often focus on their problem and start thinking negatively about their life and destiny. Therefore, even a tiny problem starts looking big and like a cloudburst. Thus, life gets pitier and unhealthy. But in a true sense, life should be like any winner who finds a solution to any problem instead of who makes excuses for losing the battle.

A positive attitude can not be 100% developed within a day, but if you practice it daily, your mind, body and soul can transform into a big bunch of positivity.

Tips on Building Positive Attitude

1. Think positively. Think about your thoughts. Are they always negative or positive? If you observe them be primarily negative, then try to change the perspective of thoughts. If you see that your life has always been a challenge for you, then take the flip side that life is making you stronger and willed. By accepting the challenges, you are getting more matured and practical in your life.

2. Change your thoughts. Whenever any negative thought enters your mind, immediately start thinking about something else. For example, think about some funny moment or any other which has made you happy, motivated or encouraged. Keep thinking about these moments until your previous negative thought goes off your mind.

3. Make 'Happiness' your Attitude, not a Situation. Do not ask anyone else to keep you happy. It is 'you who can make yourself comfortable and content. Happiness is only the medicine that you can prescribe to yourself to keep yourself mentally fit. Therefore, do not wait for any situation to be happy, instead make happiness your attitude.

4. Enjoy 'minute' pleasure. The big and happy moments like marriage, graduation, job promotion, etc are not so common in a person's life. But tiny pleasures like, two times of tasty meal, a baby's laughter, a happy family, etc are the ones which one can expect in its life. Enjoy them. Life is made up of tiny pleasures and victories, so why run after the big ones. When you start looking to relish these tiny pleasures, your life becomes automatically great and full of positivity.

5. Give some positivity to your brain. Positive attitude starts functioning effectively when your brain is adapted to such behaviour. And this can be done when you read good, motivational and positive genre books. This makes your mind happy and motivated towards achieving something good in life. That's why, it is commonly said - when you see good, then only you do good.

6. Have a purpose in your life. Life without a purpose is like haywire. A purposeful life gives you the energy to focus and stay determined. You may face several challenges before achieving your life's goal, but your concentration, concentration and determination will not let you move elsewhere. Your focus will help you to gain more positivity and peacefulness.

7. Stay away from negative people. It is widespread that we get just a handful of people who support us to move forward in our life. And there are thousands of people who will stop us from achieving our dream in every possible manner. They will criticise you for your every single effort. But, do not ever listen to them because it is you who know yourself much better than others. The skills, capabilities and calibre which you hold, nobody else can understand that. Thus, you are a loser; it is their opinion, not yours.

Optimism is the Faith, that leads to Achievement; Nothing can be done without Hope. - Helen Keller.

Lastly, use positive statements for yourself and forget about everything that bothers you unnecessarily. There will be lot of people who will pull you down, but its your efforts and attitude that will lead you towards the success.

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