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How to control your Anger?

We all know about anger - its side effects, and how it can be harmful to a happy mind. However, anger is an emotion, and it is a normal thing to feel it. Sometimes, it can feel like a fleeting annoyance, sometimes it can be seen as complete fury.

Surprisingly, Anger is a healthy emotion of a human. But when it gets out of control, it may become destructive. A wave of destructive anger can make you fall into several problems in terms of both personally, and professionally, thereby hampering your overall quality of life. Besides, this anger can bring you under the weight of pity, which won't let you progress in your life decidedly. Lovely Tiny Things carries this article to assist you with controlling anger.

In spite of the fact that anger tends to be ruinous, it ought to be communicated soundly. It relies upon how you respond to 'those' irritating and disappointing circumstances. On the off chance that you respond without harming somebody or yourself, you're communicating your resentment in a 'sound' way. Nonetheless, anger ought not to be smothered inside or held under your mind, because as long as you keep your indignation inside you, it will end up being more forceful and destructive.

Dealing with anger doesn't mean you ought to never show up an outrage. Rather, it includes figuring out how to perceive, adapt to, and express your anger or resentment in solid and profitable manners. Anger Management is an ability that everybody can learn. Regardless of whether you think you have your anger managed and controlled, there's consistently an opportunity to get better.

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” Buddha

Anger Management helps a person to utilise those strategies which can help him to adapt to contemplations, emotions and the way of showing up reactions in a positive manner.


There are some strategies which you can follow as an anger management plan. These strategies help the one to keep its anger control and managed.

Identify 'those' Anger Triggers

This is considered to be the first step in anger management. The identification of 'those' circumstances that trigger your anger can be of great help. These circumstances or situations may be a traffic jam, unorganized workplace, sarcastic comments, or even a stressful day. In most of the circumstances, where showing up of anger is quite natural, it has been noticed that one cannot blame anyone for his aggression. Therefore, plan your day accordingly by identifying and managing anger triggers.

Assess your Rage

It is highly important to check whether your anger is your strength or weakness. If it is a strength to you, then it can bring some change upon which everyone is looking to. For example, if you are witnessing an abusive relationship of any of yours family member, then showing up anger and raising your voice against it can be a great help for those who are the victims of an abusive relationship.

Having anger as a strength, you can bring a positive change in society or to an individual's life.

On the other hand, if your anger is your weakness, then after every wrong word which you have uttered just because of your short-tempered attitude, may make you feel sorry and apologetic.

Recognise your Anger Signs

We all show some signs or body gestures which indicates our mood. These signs can be physical or gestural. When we talk about the physical signs, they can be like any warning sign for a human body. These warning signs of anger include -

  • Increased blood pressure

  • Increased heartbeat rate

  • tingling sensation

  • muscle tension

Hence, whenever you're in a situation wherein you feel anger and your body starts feeling it, come out of it. Take care of your actions and refrain yourself from getting indulged into an unwanted bigger problem. When you become able to recognise these warning signs of anger, you are able to well control your anger much before time.

If there's someone with whom you get often stuck with heated arguments, talk to him politely about the benefits of peaceful communication and also discuss how it can foster a good relationship.

Talk to your Friend

Everyone has a friend whose presence has a calming effect on life. So talk to that friend if you are unable to manage your temper despite following every good trick and tip. If you discuss the issues with your friend that makes you angry, then it is more likely that you will find a good and positive solution to manage your resentment. Make sure, you will not vent your anger on your friend, rather you will find a good and positive solution to your problems, especially your anger.

Utilise your anger in a positive way

This is one of the best and effective ways of managing your anger positively. Anger acts as fuel to your energy. hence, whenever you feel agitated or angry upon something, utilise those ample energies in your physical workouts. Go for a brisk walk, or to your gym, run on the treadmill or do cycling. If you find yourself in those things that can fuel up your anger, then distract your mind and go out to utilise your anger in a positive way.

Explore your feelings

Sometimes it becomes vital to introspect self feelings. It is quite obvious to feel angry when anyone says something bad to you or use any wrong words that can hurt your feelings. In that case, express out your anger, but in quiet time, think about the situation once again and introspect your feelings and check whether your anger was justified at that point of time. If you see that you could have well- managed that situation peacefully, instead of rage, then from the next time, do adopt this 'peace' method.

When you explore your feelings, you get to find a better side of yours.

Last words from Lovely Tiny Things

Majority of times, we take anger as a tool to get things sorted out easily. However, it may yield you temporarily good results, but for long-term relations, anger can be the worst choice. If you show up your anger at every nook of your relationship, you're self digging up the grave of your relationship. Hence, control your anger and show up only when it is needed. Otherwise, you may lose your importance in the eyes of your loved ones. See to your doctor, if you need some more help on Anger Management.

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