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Are you living in an Abusive Relationship?

Are you living in an abusive relationship? Does each day in your relationship feel like a hell to you? Here is an article which can help you to decipher when it is time to quit your relationship.

An abusive relationship is not only traumatic but also a reason to lose faith in a happy relationship. An abusive relationship may not look comprehensible to others but a person who faces it daily can tell you how painful and difficult it is to pass each day. Each day passes with the hope that things will get better, but in the true sense, it does not.

So, in this post, Lovely Tiny Things will be sharing about the abuse in a relationship and when it is a time to get out of it.

When it is called an Abuse?

In general, whenever we hear the word 'abuse' we perceive physical abuse because physical marks on the body are much visible than any other act. However, abuse can be of any kind - Mental, Sexual, Physical or even Emotional. Unfortunately, none of the abuses, except physical abuse, are visible. Therefore, it hardly matters to anyone else if someone is abused sexually, mentally or even emotionally.

PHYSICAL ABUSE - This is considered to be one of the most common forms of abuse. A partner is said to be physically abused if he/she gets hit, burnt, punch, or a kick from the other partner. For example, if person A is getting kicked, punched, or hit by his/her partner, or by any object used by the partner, then it is said that person A is physically abused by the person B. No matter how many times this activity has been performed. Be it occasional or regular, such kind of abuse is considered as physical abuse.

SEXUAL ABUSE - Sexual abuse, although being prominent and common, is hardly ever get noticed in any marital relationship. According to the society mindset, none of the partners gets sexual abuse, as it becomes a mutual consent between the partners. It is perceived that sex becomes a 'normal' thing which happens after marriage or in any relationship wherein both the partners are living together. However, if we look into the legal definition of sexual abuse, it states the following -

  • the infliction of sexual contact upon a person by forcible compulsion.

Hence, if any of the partners are not giving consent for the sexual contact, and still he/she have to perform sex with his/her partner, despite multiple resists, it is called a Sexual Abuse. Therefore, do NOT think that if you are married, then you can not be a victim of sexual abuse.

EMOTIONAL ABUSE - When you get hurt psychologically by and then by your partner, it is said that you are facing emotional abuse. However, it is usually seen that in marriages some kind of hurtful words or sentences is common, but if this becomes a regular activity, it is considered as Emotional abuse. Always receiving demeaning words, rude behaviours, hurtful sentences, which impact the self-respect of a partner, is always traumatic for a happy mind. It hurts human emotions profoundly and makes life difficult.

MENTAL ABUSE - People often confuse emotional abuse with mental abuse. When one partner is not allowed to go out and kept deprived of basic human needs like food, clothing and sanitation, it is said to be Mental Abuse. There have been many cases in the country in which one partner had severely deprived the other partner of basic human needs and even made the living environment dangerous. Moreover, the partner feels afraid of going out. Hence, these kinds of mental trauma are termed as Mental Abuse.

How much of Abuse is OKAY?

Abuse is synonym to injustice, and bearing injustice is never okay. So, if you are thinking that to some extent it is right to suffer abuse, you are wrong! By doing this, you are allowing your partner to take you as granted for everything. If one day your partner has slapped you, then the next day he/she can hit you as well. Hence, never bear any kind of abuse for yourself. You are a human and you have a right to live peacefully.

You can have a pet horse for you and put him into a cage. Don't feed him, don't treat him kindly, never let him out; but say him how much you love him. This is something an abusive relationship can do. -Lovely Tiny Things


There comes a point in an abusive relationship which says 'leave it and move on'. For some, this can be a difficult situation too, but for the safety and sanity of self, it is important to look for the signs to leave an abusive relationship.

  • If you have changed so much that you are no longer the same person as you were before.

  • You are thinking to commit suicide. Or suicidal thoughts are coming by and then as you are thinking yourself of no worth.

  • You are tired of receiving abuse every time and everywhere. You want to stop all this negligence for yourself.

  • The abuse has reached to the level of questioning your self-respect.

Lastly, a healthy relationship leads to intimacy and closer bonds, whereas, an abusive relationship leads to mistreatment and weakness. Abuse people are weak fro inside hence they surge to take the help of the power to mistreat. 

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