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Do Not Marry a Man With These 7 Traits

Marriages are 'made in Heaven', but this marriage is undoubtedly not meant to be made when it does not give you a heavenly feel.

Girls usually dream of a fairytale kind of wedding. A prince comes riding a horse and takes her away, and then life becomes happily ever after. But if we do a reality check, a real wedding is way too different. It does not relate to the ideal situation always. The man which you think 'an ideal man' for you may not be the one. There can be certain traits in him that can be bothering you. You might be thinking that these traits will go off automatically after the wedding, but this may not be true.

Look at these following seven traits in a man, which you should never ignore if you plan to marry him sooner or later.

Suspicious Nature

Whatever be the suspicion - small or big, can create a rift in any relationship. And the people who doubt every little and big things do not understand the importance of any relationship. That's why if you see that the person you are going to marry doubts you all the time, then instead of crying for the rest of your life, take a concrete step. Do not marry that person because how can you trust a person who cannot do it. The relationship of marriage is based on trust, but if your partner does not trust you, then why the marriage relationship!

Stuck in the Past

We all have some past, some good and some bad. The history of life matters a lot, but getting stuck in it is not a good thing. The past teaches us to live life ahead, experiences good and evil, but it is wrong not to learn anything from those things. Unfortunately, some people do not comprehend anything from their past and get stuck in it. Life is to move forward, not to be lost in old memories. If you marry that person who is only lost in old things and is not happy in today's life, your life will be vulnerable. Moreover, these kinds of men are not satisfied personalities.

Keeps You Secondary

Everyone has a set of priority in their life. And this is also a good habit somewhere. Usually, everyone gives priority to the one they love the most. For example, if a person gives the highest importance to his job, then in his life, his career is first. In the same way, many people value money, home, their parents, family etc. But if the person you want to marry and love doesn't put you in the first place in his life, it may hurt your heart. That's why you should not marry a person for whom you are not a priority.

No Time To Talk

Time is such a moving thing that binds broken relationships and can also break good relationships. People who are important in our lives give maximum time to them, talk to them, and understand them well. And this is possible only when we speak to each other. It is not possible to keep talking all day, but out of 24 hours, you can take out a few hours, right? But if that person cannot take out even a few hours to talk to you, then why end your whole life for that person. Such a person does not deserve you. So leave him and don't marry such a person.

Hides the Truth

It would be wrong for you to marry such a person who hides the truth of his life from you and lies to you. We should not hide anything from the one we are going to marry. The relationship of marriage is built on love and trust. Hiding any critical thing and lying constantly shakes the foundation of a relationship like marriage. So never marry a person at any cost who hides the truth from you.

Passive Listening

Passive listening is equal to no listening. Therefore, the person who is not paying much attention to your words even while talking to you, understand that you are not a special one. He is just spending time with you. For him, being you is like not being there.

An Ideal Man is the one who not only listens to you actively, he pays much attention to your feelings also. Lovely Tiny Things

Indecisive Nature

Indecisive people are unable to make any significant progress in their life. Because they cannot make the right decision at the right time, they take vital decisions in their lives either because of the elders of their house or at the behest of friends. They do not have their say for life. Such people are seen only joking in their life. They never become serious about their responsibilities, neither they are interested in taking any such. Therefore, they not only make their own life vulnerable but also the life of others. So better not to marry that kind of man whom you feel indecisive.

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