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7 Easy Tips for Decorating Small Apartments

Who doesn't want her lovely house to look beautiful and comfortable? Every man dreams of a beautiful house. Beautiful chandeliers and eye-catching sconces are some of the decorations that make every home beautiful and elegant. However, small apartments do not have much space for all these things. But there are many other options that can be taken into consideration.

Small apartments are a common practice in almost every first-tier city. Due to lack of space, builders often design small apartments. These small apartments seem small and inadequate to accommodate the furniture of every home, but when carefully designed and decorated, they become the best choice for every Indian nuclear family.

1. Select warmer shades for your wall - Warm yet light shades transform the look and feel of your house. It provides not only comfort but also add space to your room. The exposure of sunlight makes the home naturally lit and airy. Therefore when choosing paint colours for the interior wall make sure it creates a soothing and cosy ambience in your room. And for this, warm shades of yellows, greens, blues, pinks and purples are the best.

2. Use curtains of contrasting colours - The coordination of curtain with the wall colours is something very important to look out for. A well chosen shade for your curtain will give professionally decorated look to your room. If your walls have warm shade, then select the brighter shade for your curtains. For example, if the walls are lemon yellow in colour, then select the shade of your curtain in reds, maroons, browns, or in blues. Alternatively, you may also choose printed neutral shades for your curtains.

3. Choose a perfect Wall Art for your living room - Living room is that space of your house which is used most of the time. We converse, we play, and we entertain our guests in our living room. Therefore, make sure the ambience of your living room should be welcoming and relaxing. It should give you a homely feeling and should add warmth to your life. A stunning and elegant wall paintings can enhance the beautiful look of your living room.

Choose a perfect wall painting for your living room which complements to the theme and colour of your walls. A stunning wall art enhance the aesthetic appeal of a living room. Make sure the chosen wall art should match up with the theme and style of your room.

4. Give preference to side lights also - Side lights or wall lights are really helpful in changing an entire image of your room. Wall lights adds beauty as well as provide visual relief. Particularly in small apartments, when you paint the walls in a light colour and provide extra lighting with wall lamps or sconces, small rooms appear to be larger. As a general rule of thumb, wall lamps or sconces are installed between 60" to 72" from the finished floor.

5. Showpieces and other decorative items - Showpieces and other decortaive items enhance the beauty of home. The dull corners of a house can regain its looks and vibrancy. However, make sure you do not overload your room with different showpieces and statues. Add only that much of decorative stuffs which suits the requirement of your room. Moreover, the theme and styling of your room is also important to be considered while setting up any showpiece.

6. Select lightweight and compact furnitures - Selecting a good furniture for a small apartment can be one of the most difficult task in decorating. When small spaces are concerned, choosing of lightweight and compact furnitures will be wise. It should not only provide you comfort but also does not make your room clamped and cluttered. The use of sectional sofa along with a coffee table will be a great pick for a small living room. For extra seating, ottoman can be of great help. If you go for only center coffee table, without ottoman, then look for something transparent in acrylic or glass. The table would seem to be disappear, and will give your room the look of larger space.

7. Storage solutions - Prefer to have big storage that can offer good, and inexpensive solutions. Wall mounted cabinets can give your small room a visual treat and they create a fabulous look as well. Make sure, whatever storage solution you select for your small room, it should be multipurpose and should not lock your room space. Modify your storage bins, boxes and baskets as per to the requirements and use them for your room.

Keep furnishings to a minimum. One sofa, one chair, and one table is a great rule of thumb. After adding these elements, if you have room for more, great. If not, then let it go.

Happy Decorating!

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