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How can you celebrate the real essence of Navratri during this pandemic?

Navratri is a festival of celebrating femininity, knowledge, power and wisdom. It not only symbolizes the victory of Goddess Durga over Demon Mahishasura but also states that truth never setback. All these nine days of the festival brings happiness, joy and togetherness in the lives of people. However, due to the state of this pandemic, caused due to novel coronaviruses, things are looking a bit changed.

As a precaution, staying home and maintaining social distance with all others is the only safe solution. However, keeping in mind his social responsibility, rather than playing Garba and dandiya with family and friends, or roaming different puja pandals, one can celebrate this Navratri differently.

Stay at Home and Sing Bhajans alone or with your family

Festivals add purity in life. They are the reason for joy and celebrations, but it is not always done with drums and rolls. The devotion can be shown in any way. If you’re at home alone during these days of festivity, sing bhajans at home. This will help you to reduce stress and anxiety which may happen due to the loneliness, especially during the time of festivals. Alternatively, if there are some other members too in your family, then ask them as well to join you while in bhajan sandhya. In this way, you can stay relaxed and calm; and this will not harm anyone too.

Feed poor girls instead of Kanya Poojan

Typically, as a ritual, one who observes fasts for all these nine 'holy’ days, completes his fast by inviting young girls home and offering them fruits, sweets and 'satvik' food (cooked in a low spice and oil). But as in the event of this pandemic, inviting others at home is not a safe solution, so it is good if this food can be fed to a poor girl and her family. You can all see these poor families around your house and serving them freshly cooked 'pure' food will definitely bless you.

Photo by namo deet from Pexels

Take a resolution, start educating a girl child

We all say a lot of things about women empowerment, saving of girl child, etc. but in a true sense, very few of us can do something really meaningful. Therefore, take a resolution that you will do something meaningful to educate a girl child. This girl child can be from your family or can be from your neighbourhood. The celebration of femininity starts when you start understanding it properly. It can be never be preached, it can never be forced, it can only be understood from the heart. So, do not only worship Goddess Durga, celebrate the presence of these young and ‘educated’ young Durgas around you.

Plant a tree

No one can walk beyond the fact that Mother Nature is the supreme nurturer of mankind. We often forget our social responsibility towards our nature. Therefore, fulfil your responsibility and plant a tree at a nearby place. Ask your children to do this happy activity. This will not only help in awakening your children to nature but it will also help in doing good human karma.

There can be many other ways too to celebrate Navratri. However, if one keeps his social responsibility in priority, then the celebration of these festivals become pious and happy.

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