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How to search for POSITIVITY when 'NEGATIVITY is all around?

Who does not want positive energies and its supporting environment? Who does not want to laugh freely? We all, Right? But we hardly find any moment to live happily and laugh freely. There would be 90% of people who will de-motivate at every point, discourage your work and will complain about you. And it is quite obvious (being a human) to feel sad and upset in this sort of environment.

This kind of 'negative' environment always puts a barrier against one's success and growth. These negative people will never allow anyone to grow and succeed in life. But you cannot do anything to these kinds of people as they possess a different kind of approach towards life. What you can do is to search for 'positivity' when 'negativity' is all around. And the ways to do it are pretty simple. Let us have a look at these ways -

In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision. Dalai Lama

1. Sit all alone in an OPEN environment and take a deep breath

I usually do this activity whenever I feel suppressed or suffocated with negative thoughts and environment. In this situation, I go to an open place and sit quietly there for some time taking a series of deep breathing. I do not use my mobile phone. Doing this, I feel relaxed, light and better.

For me, Nature has always been a good healer. It heals you from every pain, it helps you to come out of the stress and negativity. It makes you understand that you are a part of Her. In other words, it is a great source of positive energies and thoughts.

2. Get in touch with Him

We all share an unidentified, untold and unique bond with Almighty. Believe it or not, He has a key to every problem. Therefore, whenever you feel that you need someone with whom you can connect and declutter yourself, then go for the nearby place to worship. If you feel that you can do this at your home, do it. Cry whole-heartedly, if you want. Pour out your heart in front of Him without being hesitant, and I am pretty sure that you will feel good after that.

Such places for devotion and prayer gives peace in mind and free us from all tensions and worry. It is the greatest source of positive energy.

Stop all that worrying. God has already worked it out. Get ready for your miracles. -Anonymous

3. Do not stop Loving yourself

It is pretty obvious to behave negatively when you are surrounded by a group of negative people. Listening bad, seeing bad all 24 by 7 makes us negative. As a result, you start hating yourself and thinking all bad about yourself.

Therefore to get a fresh air of positivity in your life do not stop loving yourself. Rather continue, to live, love and laugh freely and happily in the way you used to do. Always remember, you are not wrong, the environment around is making you wrong. Therefore, if you have not done anything wrong with anyone neither to the society, then do not get influenced by any negativity.

I believe that negative people always search for negative aspects of others and try to downgrade everyone. Hence, instead of getting influenced by them, believe in yourself and love yourself.

4. Keep a shelf of your favourite books

I understand that not everyone can be a book lover, but books can be the best friend of anyone. A book will always help you when you are in desperate need of someone's help.

Always keep a shelf of your favourite books in your room. It can be either of self-help, motivation, comic, fiction, non-fiction, etc, the choice should be of yours. However to distract your mind from all negativities, divert your mind towards the valuable content of the book. It will make you feel good and will help to gain positive energy.

Books are the most loyal and trusted friends you can ever have. - Unknown

5. Indulge in your Hobby

Hobbies are important as they release the stress from your mind. They provide positive energy to the best. It helps in detoxifying the mind from all sort of negative surrounding. A hobby can be anything which gives happiness to the mind and soul in a positive manner. It can be any sort of art, sports, literature, etc.

“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.” - Oprah Winfrey

I hope that above-mentioned ways to search for positivity when negativity is all around will help you in a practical way. If you find this blog useful and helpful then do not forget to share it further.

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