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Is coding really important for a child?

Coding is a computer programming language which gives exposure to the current technology. Now as the coding is receiving popularity amongst the several online educational platforms, does it really important and helpful for a school student? Or in the other words, does it really going to impact positively in their growing years? Let us now understand this through this blog.

As most online educational institutions have been advocating the importance of learning coding since the age of 6, understanding its 'real' importance has become a big question. Does an only 6-year-old child really need to understand what coding is? Or does he need to understand how he can be more social with friends and be interactive?

Every coin has two aspects, and so the same question arises with this debate. If there are some benefits to learning coding, then there are some drawbacks. However, it is important to know and understand them both.


  1. Coding develops creativity

As we all understand that coding is a language of computer experiments, hence it helps in fostering creativity. Children learn to develop more creativity even through their errors and mistakes. It helps them to learn a new thing every day and enhances their creative skills.

2. Coding improves a child's thought process

Whenever a child starts learning to code, his thought process improves. He becomes better in planning and organizing things in his daily life. He starts thinking more about the logic behind a certain thing. Brain more efficient in its working and turns out to be more effective too.

3. Children become more confident

As the children expand their thought process while learning to code, it makes them more confident and less worried about their failure. Instead, failure makes them learn more. And hence, they become more confident in their life, too.

Now, let us know some of the drawbacks of learning coding, too.

  1. This trend doesn't lead to success

The trend of learning how to code does not assure of gaining success in a child's career field. Though you may try the best to make your child learn to code, he may not get that success as you are dreaming right now. Technology keeps on changing every year and by the time your child reaches the age of starting his career, he may not find this certificate useful at that time.

2. This is not a mandatory subject

Although being popular nowadays, still it is not a mandatory subject. It is completely a choice and interest of a child if he wants to learn to code or not. Simply by seeing the trend, one parent should not force his or her child to run behind the same chaos.

3. This may not be a cup of 'milk' for every child.

Every child has its own likes and dislikes. The subject and interest of one may not be similar to all others. Hence, even if you enrol your child for coding classes, you may not see this fruitful, because your child may not be interested in learning to code. Therefore, learning to code is not so important for every child.

What's the final take of Lovely Tiny Things?

Learning to code can be helpful for children who are over the age of 11 because by this age children are capable of showing interest towards a particular subject. So is your child really keen to know how to code, you can easily discuss it with him. However, at just 6 years old, a child is not in a position to show interest. He is busy with his schooling and outdoor sports somewhere.

So, to conclude, if you see that your child is keen to learn this new 'off' subject, enrol it, otherwise, you can leave this practice.

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