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These baby Wipes are better than the Ordinary Wipes

When a baby arrives, every mom tries her level best to give her baby a most gentle and pure care. Starting from the baby cream or lotion to the baby wet wipes, all have to be a skin-friendly, pure and safe for the baby. If we talk about baby wet wipes, then there are several brands in the market who caters to the need for the same. Even I have used many baby wet wipes of different brands for my daughter, however, this time I came across something better than the others.

Mother Sparsh: As Good as Cotton & Water

Mother Sparsh is a brand who have come up with water-based wipes in India. Their wipes are not of polyester material, rather it is 100% biodegradable wipes and plant-derived fabric.

There are some good points for Mother Sparsh Wipes which makes it better than the ordinary wipes, and I would like to share with you all.

1. PUREST WIPES (98% pure water-based) – Mother Sparsh baby wipes are the purest wet wipes for babies. It has 98% pure water, which is absolutely safe and gentle for the baby’s sensitive and soft skin. According to the studies of different health organization like NICE, UK and other health experts, it states that cleaning with pure water is much safer and thereto very less or no chance of allergy, irritation and redness. I believe none of the other ordinary wet wipes has so much percentage of water in it.

2. SAFE INGREDIENTS – These baby wipes have all safe ingredients and have no parabens in it. In addition, these are alcohol-free baby wipes. All other ordinary baby wet wipes have some amount of alcohol in it which are not safe for the baby’s sensitive skin.

3. PREVENTS DIAPER RASH – Mother Sparsh water based wipes are clinically proven to prevent diaper rashes. It is a skin friendly and dermatologically tested product. Moreover, these are hypoallergenic and pH balanced water-based wipes too. Another interesting thing that I realised is the fabric of the wipes. It is extremely smooth like velvet, breathable and highly absorbent unless polyester which tends to irritate a baby skin.

4. ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY – All other ordinary wet wipes are not environmentally friendly because they are not bio-degradable in nature. However, Mother Sparsh 98% water based wipes are biodegradable and polyester free. These are skin friendly natural fabric wipes, which is super soft and gentle for an environment too.

Lastly, to say, Mother Sparsh Baby water based wipes make clean-ups and diaper change easy. It is specifically meant for the purpose to provide the purest care to your baby. It is not just for their bottoms – but all for their hands and face clean too. It is good for using both at home and while travelling. Mother Sparsh baby wipes come in an easy-to-use pack and its fragrance is very mild and fresh. It is not like some chemical-based fragrance.

Overall, I am happy and satisfied with MOTHER SPARSH BABY WATER WIPES and will definitely recommend it to you all.

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