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This Is A ‘Must-have’ Newborn Essential

Their baby’s hygiene is always a major concern for every parent. And so it was with me too. I came across this changing mat when I was struggling to save my 3 months old baby from getting any type of infection or rash from sleeping on the soiled mattress. My mattress used to get wet and soiled after every pee and poop of the baby, whenever I skipped using the diaper. Moreover, the mattress used to give foul smell if I couldn’t manage to keep it under direct sunlight. Although I used one so-called ‘absorbent sheet’ of a very good and renowned brand, it was not very effective. It used to give an unpleasant foul smell just after a couple of uses, and it was tough to clean it as well. Therefore, putting my little one in contact with any such thing was a big ‘NO’ for me. Thankfully, one of my cousins gifted my baby this Teddyy Changing Mat, without actually being aware that I was desperately looking for just such a thing.

When I opened it, I found these mats very soft and spongy and perfectly suited for my baby’s soft skin and comfort, or in other words, I can say these were Super Soft Mats. Moreover, it was stated on the packaging that it gave night-long protection to a child in bed, cradle, and floor.

So, being particularly intrigued by this claim, I went ahead and decided to try out these mats on that very night. I used one of them as an extra protective layer for the mattress by placing it above the bedsheet. I wanted to see how much the dryness is maintained through this changing mat. And guess what? Both my baby and my mattress was dry despite peeing frequently. I kept on checking my baby and my mattress by getting up at night, but all was absolutely good. The next morning, I noticed that this baby changing mat had a criss-cross design that turned the liquid into the gel, locking it in. Moreover, I also read on the packaging that they had an antibacterial core which also helps getting rid of the odour and made these hassle-free hygienic mats. All these features made me relaxed, as I was convinced that I got the right thing for my baby.

Apart from using it as a baby waterproof mat, I use it during the massage time as well, because I find this product spill proof too. It helps me to keep my bed clean and hygienic. Furthermore, these are very good for use in the pram/stroller as an extra protective layer. Teddyy Changing Mats are easy to carry and disposable. I often keep them in my diaper bag when I am travelling. Diaper changes, on the go, became really easy and convenient for me with the help of this diaper changing mat.

According to me, this product is a must-have and is definitely, an essential for a newborn as it makes the cleanliness and hygiene factor very easy. I would definitely recommend the changing mats from the brand Teddyy to other mothers, as it truly serves its purpose in the best manner possible, and it is obviously better than any other alternative brands available in the market.

I hope my blog has been useful and informative to you in terms of baby care.

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Take Care!

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