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Why is it important to spend time with children?

Time not only creates memory, but time also creates love and bond. No matter what kind of relation it is, time is important everywhere. Having said that, it is vital to spend some time with your child. By doing this, you will not only help in developing a good bond between you two but will also shape your child's better future.

In this hustle-bustle life, it is difficult to find some time for self, consequently taking out some time for children becomes a big question. In this rat race, time flies so fast and you may not realise that when your little baby has grown up and is now living life independently. Therefore, before you find yourself in guilt, start spending some time with your child asking about his daily routine and other relevant stuff.


Spending time with your child has got several benefits. It boosts confidence in your child and he feels secured to see that someone is there to look after him if he fails somewhere.

Let us discuss all these benefits in detail.

1. It helps in understanding your child better

In every relationship, spending time together develops an understanding between each other. And so this is applied to our children too. The more we spend time with our children, the more we understand them. What they think, what they want, how they perceive a situation, etc.

2. It boasts your child's confidence

It is scientifically proven that whenever a child gets his parents' moral support, he feels more confident about himself and feels much secured than others. When you know your child's capabilities, you can guide him better. This boosts his confidence.

3. Let your child feel that you are there for him

We, the humans, are blessed with a sense of feelings, which allows us to feel for one another. When a child sees that his parents are there with him in every ups and downs of his life, he feels better. And this presence can be felt when you spend some time with your child. As it is already been said earlier that spending time with each other let one can better understand each other.

4. To deal with attention-seeking behaviour

You must have noticed that sometimes your child throws a lot of tantrums and cries for the silliest thing. This kind of situation becomes difficult to understand, however, this is all due to that 'attention' which your child seeks from his parents. Hence, to deal with this attention-seeking behaviour of your child which may create some kind of barrier in his socio-developmental skill, you should spend some time with your child.

How much time you should spend with your child?

There is no specific time period that you should follow daily. Rather, always make sure that whatever time you spend with your child should be full of quality. Your presence should bring a smile on the child's face. You could teach him something good and you could learn something new from him. And yes, you must be present in both mental and physical condition. As most parents spend time just for the sake of the child and they do not enjoy that time with their children. Instead, they prioritize their office work or their other household chores.

How to spend quality time with your child?

There can be many ways through which you can spend some time with your child. These methods can be simple so that the main purpose of spending time together can be fulfilled. Some of these methods are listed below:

Have a 'Good' morning time

Start your day with some 'good' and healthy habits, like yoga, jumping jacks, cycling, etc. The 15-20 minutes of time spent with your child brings quality to life which not only makes you but also your child happy and healthy.

Make sure you add fun to these healthy habits so that you both can enjoy this morning time.

Play together

Playing has always been one of the best ways to be with children. You can know your child's creativity, dexterity, cognitive skills and his emotional strength while playing. If you see him as an amateur, you can help your child play the game better. This will help their brain to develop and interact with the outside world.

Perform some 'small' household chores together

If you ask your child to help you complete some small household chores, this is a good option to spend some time together. This makes growing children feel responsible and confident. This adds confidence to their will power because in doing so they feel that their parents trust them in certain tasks. And as a result, they do their work more efficiently.

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