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How Can You Stop Procrastinating?

Procrastination means when you leave important things to do for the last minute. Most of us believe it to be laziness, but they are very different. Laziness is inactivity and unwillingness to work, whereas procrastination suggests doing unimportant work instead of necessary. In this article, we will look into the strategies to manage and prioritise the workload effectively.

If you procrastinate often, you will understand how difficult it becomes to manage last-minute workloads. Even if you want to finish the work on time, work stress will not allow you to work effectively. But still, there are several ways to stop procrastinating and manage your job more effectively on time.

Ways to Stop Procrastination

1. Stop Taking Stress

Do not take stress. The more you take work stress, the more you procrastinate. Just focus on that work which needs to be done on an urgent basis. Wasting time and yelling at yourself for not doing the work on time will not help you. Thus, stop taking stress and concentrate on your work so that you can finish it off on time.

2. Start Your Day with the Difficult Task

Morning not only keeps us fresh but also more energised to complete the task. Hence, pick the most time-taking job for the morning. It will help you put your mind on the work and tackle the work more efficiently. In short, utilise your most energetic time for the toughest and the time-taking work.

3. Remove Distractions From Your Environment

Procrastination happens when there are other unimportant things to do in front of us. Hence, remove all sort of distractions from your workplace. Please keep it clean and organised. Figure out what you will be doing today and keep your concentration on the work only. A dedicated space of work helps a lot in comparison to a place where a man can relax.

4. Keep Your Smartphone Away, if it is Not Needed

Smartphones are one of the significant distractors from work. Therefore, keep your smartphone away from your workplace if it is not needed for any specific reason. However, if you want to keep it for family or work-related reasons, keep the Internet off. In this way, you will stay connected with your family or work meetings via calls and text messages.

5. Maintain Work Planner

Using a planner or work calendar helps us to schedule our time. Write to-do tasks regularly and make sure you accomplish them all. Set the deadlines for each of them. Keep the reminders ON if you are using an online planner or calendar. These reminder alarms will keep you on track to complete the work on time. Moreover, they also keep the work organised and in a proper flow.


Luckily (or unluckily), we all suffer from procrastination from time to time. But the key is to come out of it as soon as it becomes a habit. There are several Apps available at Google Play Store to help you to manage your work efficiently. Try using them and follow a particular track for work.

If you are suffering from anxiety and depression associated with your procrastination, talk to your doctor immediately. It is okay to ask for help!

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Sep 21, 2021

For me it is the phone which is the biggest culprit! really loved reading the post


Sep 21, 2021

a list everyone will need to refer to at some point of time or other.

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