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Tips for Working (from Home) Parents

Working from home may seem easy for some, but for parents, who are currently working from home, it can be stressful and like a never-ending job. This is not only tiring for them, but it is also affecting their mental health. So let's discuss this situation, where parents' mental health is taking a toll while working from home.

Being a parent, you must have faced a situation wherein you're trying to maintain a proper work professionalism on a video call and your child is screaming from the bathroom that he wants to get his butt cleaned NOW as he is done with the potty. Or sometimes you're in an important phone call with your boss, and your kids are involved in siblings fight.

Let's be honest, this kind of situation is too hard to manage. And if in case, you have shouted at yourself and pointed a lot of questions to self about the every single decision you've made in your life till today, then just be relax and calm down! You're a human and you need a break.

On a lighter note, just think for a while. Even in this pandemic situation, you have been able to manage everything so perfectly, your family is happy and safe. You have parented through tough times and you got through all this successfully. Isn't this a great achievement for you in your life?

Take it positively that even during this tough times, you have a job to do, you are earning a salary to live your livelihood, you have your family in front of you who are supporting you in their best possible ways. So try to cherish these unseen happy moments of your life.

Sharing with you some tips which you can follow to find a balance between your work life and home life.

Set some realistic goals

Transition from working with co-workers to working with kids can be a bit difficult. However, if you set up some realistic and practical goals depending your day's office calendar, then a lot of things can be easy for you to manage.

Divide your day's goal into three categories - First, set of goals that must be achieved, Second, set of goals that is good if its achieved, and lastly, set of goals which will be achieved if you are left with time.

Hence, as per the above categories of goals, try to accomplish the first and second set of goals. Do not forget, actual implementation of goal may take some extra time as per to your thinking, but do not be stressed. If they doesn't get completed, start your list for next day with better sense and ideas. After all, a human learns from its experience.

Keep following the good part of your routine

We all follow some good and healthy routine for a happy start of the day. It can be good hot coffee/tea, a tummy-full breakfast, reading of news updates, or having a good morning walk. So, if any of this kind of routine helps you to stay active and stress-free throughout the day, then do not leave it for the sake of working from home.

Skipping of these habits can make you tired and irritable soon, resulting more shouting and yelling at kids. And that's true!

However, do not forget to brush your teeth and take a bath before sitting for your work, so that you'll be fresh and active throughout the day.

Have some time for your kids, too

Kids are the softest member in the whole family. They love intensely, and they hate you as well, if you don't give them some kind of attention. Whenever you have taken a break from your work (if that is possible) then talk to your children about their day and their activities. And if you only get the time during your week-offs, then spend good time with your little ones. All they need is your love and attention. If they understands your situation for the whole week then at least you can dedicate one day of yours to them.

This will not help your child to grow positively, but will also help you to see life happily and positively.

Do not aim for 'Teacher of the Year' title

It has been observed that several parents get annoyed and stressed if their child does not perform well in his/her online school tests. So, dear parents, in this kind of scenario, your stress will be passed on to your child making his/her situation vulnerable and pathetic. Therefore, do not be disheartened or lost if you have not been able to teach some 'extra' good things to your child. Just help him/her with the basic concepts of the chapters which has been taught to him/her in online class. Encourage him/her to practice more and more. Sit with him for studies whenever you're free or little bit relaxed from your office work.

Remember, if the concepts are clear to your child, he/she will surely excel in his/her studies.

Take a break both from your parenting and work

Taking a break is really helpful in keeping a sound mental health while working from home. It is not at all wrong if you're looking for some 'Me' time. It happens that while juggling between home life and office life, the actual life seems to be no-where. So instead of struggling and forcing yourself to move ahead, just take a break.

This 'break' can be of as short as 2 minutes break, or can be long for a weekend, it totally depends upon your mental health condition. But this kind of rejuvenation really helps to kickstart with all positivity and energy.

Instead of feeling guilty and blaming self for each and every minor faults, it is good to take a back step and then start happily and positively.

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