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How to make Potty Training easy?

Potty training becomes a tough task for a mother especially when her child starts her preschool. For me, it was a difficult task indeed, as I have to keep on swiping and cleaning the floor by and then. However, fortunately, my kids were fully trained on how to use toilets, when they started their schooling. So, here in this blog, I am sharing with you all some good tried and tested tips and notes which you all can use it to train your child for a potty-time.

When should you start training your toddler for potty?

This question is quite a trickier one, as this training starts when you see that your child is also willing to learn about it. So, now the question arises - How can we understand this? Ideally, by the age of 18 months, a toddler starts responding to the instructions and the guidance given by his/her parents. Hence, it will be a good time if you start training your child for potty after his/her 18 months of age.

If you start it early, your baby may not be able to comprehend correctly your instructions and guidance. He will enjoy a fantasy world of his own. So why to waste energy and time!

And, if you start some way late around 24 months, most probably you toddler may take some extra time to learn as he may get habitual of using diapers and he can not feel an urge to urinate without diapers.

Now, once you're confident that your toddler is responding positively to your instructions, you can start following these simple few steps to potty train your toddler.


Yes, you read it right! In order to start training your child for a potty-time, you should not use diapers for the kid. With the usage of a diaper, a toddler becomes habitual and mentally settled that his/her pee is not going to make him uncomfortable. Hence, more than a parent, a child prefers to wear a diaper. Therefore, the less he wears a diaper, the more he understands the priority of using a toilet.


Once you have stopped using the diapers for your kid, bring home a potty seat for your kid. These potty seats are good to use as and when your kid feels to urinate or poop. These are widely available online as well as offline with a variety of designs and features, which you can choose according to your preference.

Make your kid acquaint with this new thing. Make your child understand that for what purpose this potty seat has been bought and who will use it.


Initially, you may see that your child is not showing much interest in using this new potty seat and in fact, he/she is throwing several tantrums to not use it. But here do not lose your hope, just take any toy and show to your child that even his/her toy uses his/her potty seat to do pee or poop. This sort of playful example will arouse an interest in the mind of the toddler and sooner or later he will also try using this potty seat.


Lastly, but the most important step is to keep patience. Do not lose your temper if you see that your child is not reciprocating the same way that you want. This activity may take some extra time, but sooner or later your child will surely start using the potty seat and will not use the diaper anymore. Meanwhile, on several occasion, you may have to clean the surface of the floor because your kid has pooped all over the room, but this is just a transition path. Do not be angry on your kid, instead, keep on guiding him on what to do when he/she feels urinating or pooping. Your repeated instructions will surely work.

Steps for Potty Training a child

Remember, any activity which you teach to your child may not show a successful result from its Day 1. It will take at least a time of a month, but all you need is to give proper support and guidance without getting angry on your child.

If you have loved reading this article, then do not forget to show some love in the comment section below. Furthermore, feel free to share your experiences, thoughts and opinion on Potty Training a Toddler.

Happy Reading!

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