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6 Tips for Travelling SOLO

Travelling solo can be challenging but if it is planned carefully, this can be the best experience of life. Here are some tips to help while travelling solo.

Travelling solo can be a great experience irrespective of the age. It provides a big opportunity for self-reflection, growth and freedom. It not only rejuvenizes the body but also the mind and soul. However, if this is your first solo travelling, then it can be daunting too, but with the following helpful tips for travelling solo, you can travel carefree.

Helpful tips for travelling solo

Know your budget

Planning your budget is an important part before you start travelling. Do some research and thought-process to decide your travel budget. You must consider the followings while planning your budget -

  • flight bookings

  • Hotel bookings

  • sightseeing expenses,

  • shopping, and

  • food expenses.

Apart from these, keep some extra money as well with you that may help you in case of any emergency or case of your entertainment needs.

Pick your destination wisely

If you are going to travel solo for the first time, then choose your destination wisely. Your top concern while planning a solo trip should be safety. Therefore, picking up the right destination can make all other things easier. Search for those places which are solo travel-friendly. You can do these by reading blogs on solo travelling, information on Google, and other trusted travel websites.

Buy travel insurance

Travel insurance becomes important too especially when you are travel alone. Therefore, buy travel insurance while booking your flight tickets. In case, if anything goes wrong like you lost your luggage in transit, then you can claim your loss and you won't be held responsible for your loss. Most travel insurance plans cover medical emergencies, trip cancellation, trip interruption, delays, medical evacuation, and lost, damaged, or stolen luggage.

Learn the basics of the local language

If your destination is the place whose local language is not known to you, then start learning its basics. Always make sure that you understand how to say 'Hello, thank you, excuse me, sorry and please'. It may sound a bit of difficult but if you make an effort to learn the basics of the local language, then it will make a huge difference in your travel experience as well as it will be easy for you to communicate with the local people. Prepare for these basic sentences -

  • Hello, where is this location?

  • What is this thing?

  • Excuse me. From where I can reach this location?

  • Thank you for helping me!

Go your own way

For having a good time and experience in a solo trip, customise your travel route map according to your ease and interests. Even in intercity travel, know your mode of travelling, the sightseeing points, the best place to eat and relax. Read the travel map carefully and before starting your journey know your travel duration. It will make your travel experience comfortable and easier.

Believe in Yourself

Solo travelling can be challenging, but at the same time it boosts up the confidence and adds up the new experience in life. It brings happiness as travelling to a new place without any companion is a big achievement. It changes the complete outlook of a person's life. Hence, while travelling solo believe in Yourself and trust your capabilities as this beautiful opportunity does not come every time.

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