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Why we often ignore Mental Abuse?

Mental Abuse or mental harassment is something which we often feel and see but we hardly takes up the courage to fight against it. Why? Is it so common that we hardly find it wrong? Why we often ignore mental abuse? Let's discuss in this blog.

Emotional, psychological, or verbal abuse are some of the kinds of mental abuse. This kind of abuse is pretty common in almost every household. It is so relatable that one can hardly find it wrong or counterfactual. Emotional abuse or psychological abuse in any relationship is not only related to humiliating the person but also belittling or controlling the other person to that extent wherein the person loses its self-worth. The victim loses its ability to stand up for the right and hence breaks down mentally. And repeated psychological battering can force the victim to take drastic steps.

In psychological abuse, the abuser wants to isolate you from your social circle, and attempts to frighten and control you in every possible way. Here, the abuser can be anyone - your romantic partner, spouse, business partner, parent or may be your caregiver.

No matter who is the abuser, always remember, it is always wrong to suffer abuse, and no one should consider it a normal way of life. It can not be normal to mentally harass someone.

Why do people tolerate mental harassment?

Mental harassment has always been a controversial issue and its widely accepted definition does not exist. Despite in the absence of any accepted definition, one should never forget this kind of behaviour is inappropriate and unwanted.

Fear of dismissal from the society

Mental abuse leaves the victims so traumatized as well as isolated that he/she loses faith in itself. He /She is always afraid of the fact that if he/she tells anyone about his/her mental harassment, will anyone believe him/her. After getting out of this fight, will this society accept him/her. The fear of being sacked from society always lurks in the mind.

Mental breakdown

Repeated offending behavior causes a person to become so mentally broken that she loses faith in herself. She begins to believe that this abusive behavior is her fate, so she gets used to it somewhere. There is no confidence left in her mind as well as her soul.

Don't want to break the family

This becomes one of the major reasons behind the tolerance of an abusive behaviour. Most of the time victim does not want to break its family hence continues to bear ruthless behaviour. How the family will move on after separation, what will be the impact on children, children may remember their father / mother, etc. are some of the questions which often comes in the mind of the victim. All these questions let the victim tolerate an abusive behaviour.

Worried about the future

Apart from all this, the victim also has a fear that if she gets separated from this abusive relationship then how will she live her life ahead. Such a state of mind is seen when the victim is not financially stable or completely dependent upon the abuser's help.

Tolerating an abusive relationship is always fatal to a healthy mind and happy soul. One has to gather strength to leave such unhuman and ruthless relationship. However, it may not be easy to fight against it and come out but you deserve a life to live free without any terms and condition.

If you're in an abusive relationship ...

you may hear the statement like 'why doesn't she leave him?" multiple times. But you know that it is not that simple at all. It is difficult to leave that relationship which has been significant to your life. However, it is more harder to live a life wherein you're controlled from every aspect - financially, mentally as well as physically. Life seems to be threatened and broken.

You may feel sometimes that life will get easy after sometime, the situation may get better later, or what your partner may feel if he learns that you're gonna leave him soon, etc. You may be sometimes blaming yourself about all these situations. But don't be trapped in your confusion, guilt, or self-blame. The only thing which is more important is your safety.

If you're being abused, remember:

  • You are not one to get all blame for any issue.

  • You are NOT the reason behind your partner's abusive behaviour.

  • You deserve a life full of respect and love.

  • Your children deserves a secured and happy upbringing.

  • You are not going to be mistreated henceforth, because you have not done any fault!

There are many resources available for abused and battered women, including crisis hotlines, shelters—even job training, legal services, and childcare. Start by reaching out today.

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