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How do Parents can Stay Calm When Life is too Busy?

In this modern time, life demands a lot from everyone. One can feel tired and frustrated when busy life is occupied with daily household chores, virtual classes, and long official hours. This indicates that parents, primarily, are somehow juggling between child care and working long hours. As a result, the wrath of the parents' exhaustion goes out on their innocent children. But even in this, it is not entirely the fault of the parents. Anger and frustration are a part of human emotions. So what can parents do in such a situation? Let us know.

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Feeling stressed and frustrated does not reflect that you are a negative person. In fact, as an adult, it becomes our obligation to control our emotions in front of our family.

Let us accept it true-heartedly - Parenting is tough and tiring! You don't even get a time to pee peacefully or to take a bath for more than a minute. And when it comes to attend an important urgent official call, you will find your little one shouting from its top sound.

Most of the time parents are found yelling at their children. But, that is not because they find yelling to be good or they love it. Just because repeated actions and habits can make anyone overwhelmed, parents lose their control.

However, studies shows that yelling can make any child aggressive and stubborn. As they find their parents yelling at them most of the time, they get used to of it and hence start adopting this aggressive behavior. Furthermore, this kind of aggressive behavior can make them anxious, less confident and unaccepted.

So, what can be done to stay clam and peaceful parent? Let us look at some peaceful solution to manage and control anger.

Start with Mindful Morning

It is good to start morning with a healthy routine, but sometimes breaking those rules of routine is also considered to be healthy. Start your day by keeping yourself in a priority. That mean do what you love. For example, if you love listening to music, then start your day by listening to your favourite song to give an energetic start of the day. Or if you love reading newspaper quietly while having a cup of tea in the morning, go for it. Mindful morning starts when your mind is happy to start working for a whole day. So from now, before getting angry on your kids or shouting at them, give yourself a happy start of the day. You will see the difference.

Why Am I Upset, Today?

This often happens to us when we take out someone else's anger on the children. But before doing this, we all should think for what reason we are angry. Have we felt bad about something? If so, what is the fault of our children in this? When we start think like this before getting angry on our children, there will be a positive change in us.

Remember The Negative Consequences of Anger

Anger has a very bad effect on children. When children see only an atmosphere of anger in their home, the same effect occurs on their mind. In such a situation, children remain under a lot of stress later in their life. Children lose their confidence in themselves and start feeling bad and worthless. Therefore, before bursting out in anger, remember these negative consequences of anger.

Let Children Be Wrong Sometimes

It's okay if children are playing in mud, or indulging in siblings fight. It is not correct to pinpoint every small mistake of your child. Let him learn from his mistakes. He will understand what is right or wrong with his own act. Studies shows that children learn from their mistakes quickly rather than parent's scolding or punishment. However, this is only recommended when you see that your child in not involved in any fatal act.

Notice Your Anger

You may not be correct every time whenever you are annoyed. Sometimes, parents over react without knowing and understanding the issue behind. Thus, before showing up your anger to your kids, ask about the whole scene which has had happened behind you. And if you find that your reaction is needed here, then do what you feel right. Else, if this can be handled peacefully, then why to show up an anger!

Avoid letting anger and annoyance take hold of you. As a considerate, loving human being and parent, you have options in front of you. Try to find solutions and peace instead of showing up the anger.

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Sep 22, 2021

I have yelled too and it feels horrible.Will try remembering your words next time.This is Dr.Amrita visiting from Blogchatter


Sep 21, 2021

Thats such a great read. Perfectly penned article



Sep 21, 2021

Nice Article!

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